Friday, January 8, 2016

New Year, Same Story

Well, Here I am again.....still battling the excess weight problem! In 2009, I had let my weight creep up to 513lbs.  My son, Kyle, heard about Dr. Chuck Shaffer and The Weigh Station medical center in Christiansburg, VA. At my initial appt there, I weighed 509.6 pounds. The first two years, I lost 185lbs and by June, 2014, I was at my lowest recent weight of 304lbs. Sure, there are lots of life events that came my way in the next 19 months, but unfortunately, I didn't endure them without returning periodically to eating the same carbohydrate-laden foods that caused me to weigh over 500 pounds in the first place. After yo-yoing for a year or so, I ended the year 2015, at a whoppin' 376.8!

On December 28th I restarted the WS eating protocol! Here I am, having lost a quick 20lbs of initial water-weight, my journey continues! I think this is where the 'rubber meets the road'.  Only with the blind determination that I had the first 2 years will it be possible to finish this journey. Now what?! The pounds melt off harder and slower and discouragement hovers around every corner! It cloaks every emotional upheaval, just threatening to shake my resolve and high hopes of ever being at a "normal" weight again.

Knowing all of this, here's my plan for 2016:
*Commit to follow The Lord's leading daily
*Daily ask for the Holy Spirit to control my emotional response to stress
*Continue following the WS low-carb protocol
*Return to the WS for weekly appointments and accountability
*Remain open and honest with my support group of WeightSheddingWinners
*Challenge other WSW to join me in this daily journey toward health

Writing in this blog is just one of the tools I will be using to implement my 2016 plan and reach my weight-loss goal of weighing 200pounds by this time in 2017!  Stay tuned, my friends! I'm here to stay!